Miles Davis… and someone else

The birth of a genius

Today want to tell you about a brilliant jazzman and funk musician, Miles Davis. He started playing trumpet when he was 13 and quickly achieved perfection. First, Davis planned to become an academic performer, but then he tried playing jazz and understood it was just what he needed. His influence on the evolution of world’s music culture is priceless. At the beginning of his career, not being a virtuous yet, he conquered halls with his unusual solos. Catchy phrases and meaningful pauses, a unique sense of pulsation made him very popular with the post-war generation. Duke Ellington valued his versatile talents a lot and compared him with Picasso.

Some of Miles Davis’ greatest achievements include:

  • He recorded the first cool jazz album called ‘The Birth of The Cool.’
  • Some of the earliest hard bop music was also his doing.
  • He contributed to the development of jazz funk and was touring with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.
  • His album ‘Kind of Blue’ became the best-selling jazz record ever.
  • He also included elements of rock, electronic music and African rhythms in his late compositions giving a much-needed push to many modern genres.

I like viewing old photos of Miles Davis. You can see very well how much soul he puts into his performance, how he lives an entire life on stage. Once, as I was looking through these photos, Google showed me something new. It was a picture, painted in large colorful strokes. On the canvas, there was a man in a hat blowing frantically into his trumpet. I couldn’t see his face, but that was supposedly Miles Davis and he looked much like he sounds! It wasn’t a portrait in a usual sense. The canvas was covered with specks of different color and the musician’s silhouette seemed to merge into the background. Still, there was just as much life and beauty in this painting as in Miles’ music.

Intrigued, I kept googling and finally the Miles Davis painting lead me to the site of Leonid Afremov here, the artist who created it. I was surprised to see a whole gallery of pictures in the same style, with bright city views, panoramas of parks, forests, seas and other spectacular scenes. There were also portraits of famous musicians other than Miles Davis. Original artwork now hangs in my living room, by the way. I’m not very fond of art, but I guess paintings like this are universally appealing to everyone! So if you never heard Miles Davis, you should definitely listen to him, and if you never saw pictures by Leonid Afremov, you should fix it this very moment!


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